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Why to visit Castelli Romani

The Castelli Romani area is located in the south-eastern area of ​​Rome. This area of ​​Lazio is well known for its volcanic lakes and woods, the beauty of the landscapes and the goodness of the wine, famous all over the world, and the other gastronomic delights, made it one of the most irresistible places to spend your holidays in Italy. The trip to the Castelli Romani has always been an escape route for all Romans, who in addition to making the classic spring picnic trip, like to spend a different day immersed in the history of the old fortified cities, ancient residences of the rich bourgeoisie and suggestive volcanic lakes.

The places have inspired artists and writers of all time, but also made this area an important tourist destination: for centuries it has been one of the places dedicated to the visit and stay of visitors from every country who choose a cultural holiday in Rome. When we speak of the Castelli Romani we certainly think of wine; mainly white wines, especially the Malvasia and Trebbiano vines, which take their name from the places from which they originate: Frascati, Marino, Colli Albani, just to name a few.

The Castelli Romani are steeped in history and full of monuments not to be missed. Villas, parks, archaeological sites, churches, offer the visitor a vast network of itineraries, whose historical aspect can be admirably intertwined with the naturalistic one, leaving the tourist decidedly satisfied.

Let’s not forget the many typical restaurants and trattorias, where you can taste the traditional roman food.

Frascati, Nemi, Grottaferrata, Ariccia, and many other places in a pleasant journey for the eyes, the spirit and above all for the palate. In Italy there is no better place for a trip out of town, just wait for a nice sunny day, arm yourself with the desire to walk and you can spend a pleasant weekend full of good food and quality wine.

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